MUET Speaking Tips Online

There are actually many websites on the Net offering tips for MUET Speaking.

I list below some of the websites and the kind of tips they provide.


This site provides useful expressions to be used in your presentations(Tasks A and B) to make them appear clear, organised and easy to follow.

2. miss audrey’s website at

This particular post to which I made this link provides a sample answer for a particular Speaking question.

3. MUET Made Easy at Malaysia Students Blog.

At one point in this blog entry, the author shared her views of the MUET Speaking Test pertaining to what to expect, her experience and tips to excel in the Speaking Test.

4. To Life With Love blogspot.

I chose to display the tips here as I felt uncomfortable making a link to this blogspot due to the use of some (I feel) inappropriate words. My apologies to the respective blogger. Anyhow, if you readers think that getting the tips firsthand is better than from getting them here, by all means click on the link.

MUET Speaking tips #1 – REMEMBER to acknowledge the examiner and make your greetings simple and short. :)

MUET Speaking tips #2 – Use the question given as your introduction. Get straight to your main point after the introduction. :)

MUET Speaking tips #3 – REMEMBER to include examples (such as statistics, facts, etc.) in each of the sub-points of your main point. :)

MUET Speaking tips #4 – If you don’t have enough sub-points, speak and explain slowly. :)

MUET Speaking tips #5 – Avoid using bombastic words in speaking. :)

MUET Speaking tips #6 – Don’t panic and talk confidently. BE CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF. :)

MUET Speaking tips #7 – Don’t always depend on your group members in Task B. Be more cooperative. :)

MUET Speaking tips #8 – REMEMBER to SELECT someone (or even yourself) to start Task B so that your discussion won’t be that messy.

MUET Speaking tips #9 – To avoid mess in Task B, the person who started the discussion should also end Task B. :)

MUET Speaking tips #10 – Let your group member to finish explaining his/her points first before interrupting the discussion. :)

MUET Speaking tips #11 – REMEMBER to make eye contact and good facial expression with the examiner as well as your group members to establish a good rapport with them. SMILE ALWAYS! :)

MUET Speaking tips #12 – Take turns to join the discussion in Task B and interrupt politely if necessary. :)

MUET Speaking tips #13 – Don’t write your points in sentences as they consume time. Map it out. :)

MUET Speaking tips #14 – When you are nervous, don’t speak too fast. Speak casually. :)

MUET Speaking tips #15 – Don’t arrive at a conclusion too quickly in Task B. Take your time to evaluate all the options first. :)

MUET Speaking tips #16 – Don’t end your discussion too flowery. Just end it with the main idea that you and your group members have agreed during the discussion. :)

MUET Speaking tips #17 – Don’t monopolise your discussion/conversation with sweeping statements or exaggerations.

MUET Speaking tips #18 – REMEMBER to be tactful and considerate. Create opportunities for others to speak.

MUET Speaking tips #19 – Speak with minimal hesitation. Don’t wait to be prompted all the time. :)

MUET Speaking tips #20 -Speak out LOUD & CLEAR. Don’t mumble or swallow your words. :)

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